Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Swedish Meatballs

I will admit that I am a big wimp when it comes to trying new foods. And for some reason Swedish Meatballs have been on my list of things I never wanted to try. I really am not sure why, maybe because they have Swedish in the name I assumed they would be crazy weird. I know that there are some recipes for them that have veal or some other crazy ingredients. Then I saw this recipe over at Tasty Kitchen, which is a great site started by Pioneer Women ( this women is amazing a deserves a whole post to her self. But check out her website and her new cookbook). I made this last night, so Yummy and so Good!! And most importantly the kids devoured it as well. They are meat ball lovers of any kind so I wasn't surprised. I added a few more spices but other then that followed it exactly. Next time I make it will double the gravy recipe, well at least the liquid part, the gravy was really thick so next time I think Iwill 1 1/2 or double the liquid and not the flour. We had a perfect amount of meatballs enough for dinner and Colin to take a Lunch to work. Here is the recipe, Enjoy!!!

  • 1-¼ pound Ground Turkey Or Beef- I used beef
  • ¾ cups Dried Bread Crumbs
  • ⅓ cups Finely Chopped Onion (or 1-2 T Dried Minced)
  • 1 Tablespoon Parsley Flakes
  • ⅛ teaspoons Nutmeg
  • 1 whole Beaten Egg
  • 2-¼ cups Milk, Divided
  • 2 Tablespoons Flour
  • 2 teaspoons Beef Bouillon Granules (or 2 Cubes)
  • ⅛ teaspoons Pepper
  • ½ teaspoons Salt, Or To Taste

In medium bowl, mix meat, bread crumbs, onion, parsley and nutmeg ( I also added some kosher salt and pepper and then a little garlic powder). Beat egg and 1/4 cup milk together and add to the meat mixture. Blend together until combined. Shape into 25-30 meatballs (depending on size). Bake in a 375F oven for 20-25 minutes, until done.

While meatballs are cooking, in large skillet on the stove, whisk together the remaining 2 cups milk, flour, bouillon and pepper. Cook over medium heat until thickened, then add the salt. After meatballs are done, add them to the skillet, and coat with sauce. Serve over rice or pasta. Makes 4-6 servings.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

For my sisters Birthday dinner she requested my homemade chicken noodle soup. So of course I did that, but at a restaurant a while ago I had some really good chicken and wild rice soup and I wanted to see if I could find a yummy recipe. I found one, and made it along with chicken noodle soup for Aprils birthday. It was so yummy. My brothers loved it as well. This soup has almonds in it and I would forget that when I would take a spoonful. So when there was something crunchy in my mouth I thought maybe the rice hadn't cooked but then I remembered it is the almonds. So if you don't want something hard and crunchy in your soup leave those out. This recipe also makes a huge pot, and I was able to put some in the freezer for another day. I will let you know how it handled being frozen. Hope you enjoy this yummy soup!!

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

I found this recipe on mykitchencafe

½ cup butter
1 finely chopped onion
½ - 1 cup frozen corn (or ½ cup chopped celery, if preferred)
½ pound fresh mushrooms, sliced
½ cup carrots, sliced
¾ cup all-purpose flour
6 ½ cups chicken broth (can use 7 bouillon cubes plus 6 ½ cups water)
2 cups cooked wild rice
1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cubed
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon curry powder
½ teaspoon mustard powder
½ teaspoon dried parsley
½ teaspoon black pepper
1 cup slivered almonds
2 cups nonfat half-and-half (use normal half-and-half if you prefer, but you won't believe how delicious this is with the nonfat variety!)

Melt butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Stir in the onion, corn, chicken and carrots and sauté for 5 minutes. Add the mushrooms and sauté 3-4 more minutes. Then add flour and stir well. Transfer mixture to large pot. Over medium heat, gradually pour in the chicken broth, stirring constantly until all has been added. Bring just to a boil and then reduce heat to low and let simmer.

Next, add the rice, salt, curry powder, mustard powder, parsley, ground black pepper and almonds. Allow to heat through and then pour in the half-and-half. Let simmer 1 to 1 ½ hours. Be careful not to let the soup come to a boil or it won't thicken properly - let it simmer on low heat, stirring occasionally.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Long Hiatus

Wow it really has been a long time since I have even thought about this blog. But I am ready to start posting and reading some of your favorite recipes again. I need to first apologize for neglecting this blog. Last May I discovered I was pregnant, and I get so very sick. So eating thinking or looking at food was not a priority. Now that our Sweet boy is here and life is getting back to normal ( I guess normal for life with 4 kids) I have been craving good food and wanting some fun new recipes and to share some of the ones that I have found. So I am starting up this blog again. I am wondering if any one is still interested in adding their own recipes? Or if any one else wants to join in on the fun. Erin I know you have started your own food blog, and some of you other girls are in the same boat I was in, the thought of food makes you want to run to the bathroom. So I thought we would see where we stand and who is still interested. Amanda and Laura there are some recipes I am dying to get from you. And If we do start this up again there are some things I would like to change. I am not going to do a weekly theme and I would like to add a print option and a few other things. So let me know what you think ladies. Are you ready?