Monday, February 22, 2010

A Long Hiatus

Wow it really has been a long time since I have even thought about this blog. But I am ready to start posting and reading some of your favorite recipes again. I need to first apologize for neglecting this blog. Last May I discovered I was pregnant, and I get so very sick. So eating thinking or looking at food was not a priority. Now that our Sweet boy is here and life is getting back to normal ( I guess normal for life with 4 kids) I have been craving good food and wanting some fun new recipes and to share some of the ones that I have found. So I am starting up this blog again. I am wondering if any one is still interested in adding their own recipes? Or if any one else wants to join in on the fun. Erin I know you have started your own food blog, and some of you other girls are in the same boat I was in, the thought of food makes you want to run to the bathroom. So I thought we would see where we stand and who is still interested. Amanda and Laura there are some recipes I am dying to get from you. And If we do start this up again there are some things I would like to change. I am not going to do a weekly theme and I would like to add a print option and a few other things. So let me know what you think ladies. Are you ready?



Erin said...

thanks for the link! i still want to be in, so let me know about changes and when we are starting! i'm excited for new recipes!

Ryan & Amanda said...

Sign me up :)