Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crockpot Italian Chicken

This one is one our family favorites. I love it cause it is so easy, and my family loves the taste. I found it off the Spark People (a place to help you get started on a healthy life style. lots of cool resources) recipe page.

6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut in half (I always put my chicken in frozen so I don't cut them in half until they have been cooking for an hour or two)
1 can cream of chicken soup ( can use the healthy request reduce fat version)
1 8oz package of cream cheese cubed into 8 pieces ( can use reduced fat version)
1 package of good seasoning dressing ( found on the salad dressing isle, usually close to the ranch dip mixes. There are a few different flavors, the recipe calls for the Italian one but we have used the herb and garlic one and it so yummy)
4 cloves of garlic diced

Cut chicken in half, cover chicken with cubed cream cheese. Mix garlic, good seasoning mix, and soup. Pour over the chicken. Put in the crock pot on low for 6-8 hours.
Serve over brown rice or egg noodles!!

** the sauce stays pretty thick if you like thinner sauce add a little water, or chicken broth to the soup mix**

Says it serves 12 we never get more then 6-8

Fat 7.2 g Carbs 4 g Calories 210.5 protien 29.5 ( it will be less if you you reduced fat soup and cream cheese)

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