Friday, April 2, 2010

Whats on your Easter menu?

So as I am planning a shopping list for our Easter Dinner I can't help but wonder what you all are doing?  Whats on your menu for Easter?  Do you have any fun recipes that are traditions?   Are you doing anything special for Easter breakfast?

Here is what we are planning, it pretty traditional!!

Cheesy potatoes ( aka funeral potatoes)
roasted lemon garlic asparagus
Hot crossed buns
jello salad with bunny shaped marshmallows

and for dessert
Carrot cake!!

I will post the recipes when I have some sleep under my belt!!

oh yeah and I updated the blog to the new editor and I have been having issues.  But like I said working on no sleep here.  So let me know if you like it, if it gives you trouble or what.  If we don't like it I can change it back to the old way, let me know.  And if you figure out how to make it work then please teach me!!

I cant wait to here what on you menus for Easter!!  And if you have a good recipes please share!!


Ryan & Amanda said...

I think that sounds yummy! We always have deviled eggs, the main dish varies typically it's a bbq though, and we have special Easter cupcakes for dessert. So not too traditional, but Ryan isn't fond of ham so we hardly ever have that.

Heather and Todd said...

Sounds like we're on the same page! :) We're doing spiral ham, funeral potatoes (this recipe from cooking light:,28548,1668794_1458363,00.html So yummy!), asparagus, carrots, homemade orange rolls, and whatever Melenie brings for dessert, though I love the idea of carrot cake!:) I also might make some sort of jell-o type salad and some deviled eggs. Happy Easter everyone!

Erin said...

since my oldest son's birthday fall on Easter he got to choose, so we are doing homemade pizza.

Cori said...


that is too funny!! Thanks for the recipe fro the potatoes they sound perfect for us!! Do you get the cooking light magazines or just use online? My MIL gets them and I love looking through them when I go. The carrot cake I am making actually comes from a weight watchers cookbook that I have had for years. I made it 2 years ago for my son's birthday cake and it was yummy! I tried to find the same recipe online, no such luck but I found another one from weight watchers that I might just try!