Monday, April 5, 2010

Menu Monday - Erin

We are heading out of town this weekend to go visit family (Cori and Colin, and other family that will be up there at that time) so I'm trying to not shop much this week and use what I got. I'm a fan of freezing meals, and by the time next week comes to an end, I'm sure I'll need to start stocking up my freezer meals again. Our family isn't quiet big enough to eat all of one recipe for a lot of meals we eat, so I make a full batch and freeze the other half. If you want to ready more about that you can check out our other blog. When it comes to meal planning I usually plan my meals around what's on sale at my store and I have coupons for, that's a whole other post I can go on and on about. I have a white board that I keep on my fridge, that I keep track meals I have in the freezer, my menu and things I need I certain stores. So here is our menu at our house

Monday - Beef Stroganoff, here's one with a pic if you want it (I had half of a recipe in my freezer minus the mushrooms and sour cream)
Tuesday - Left over BBQ Pork Sandwiches
Wednesday - Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken (ok this isn't in my freezer, but I have most of the things I need)
Thursday - Sandwiches, since we will be on the road
Friday - Out of town
Saturday - Out of town
Sunday - Chicken and Wild Rice Soup (not sure where I got the recipe, and I'll post it later) with Orange Rolls (we could easily eat a whole recipe, but shouldn't, so last time I made a full recipe and froze half of it, so I plan on just getting them out to let them raise all day.)


Heather and Todd said...

Hi Erin,

PLEASE tell me that the picture of your beef stroganoff was a serving for one of your children! :) That's the smallest portion I've ever seen...though maybe that's why I'm now doing Weight Watchers! ;)

Also, if you find a roast on a good sale, the butcher in the meat department will cut it into stew meat pieces for you and sell it to you for the price of the roast at most stores. Just a tip to save you some time.

Cori said...

Erin we love chicken and wild rice soup, especially the recipe I posted on here a while ago. SO yummy it makes me want to pull some out of my freezer and warm it up, maybe for lunch tomorrow!!