Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Penne Pasta

Ok so there isn't much of a recipe for this one just more like a list, but I hope you feel brave enough to try it.

Penne Pasta
Olive Oil
Red Pepper Flakes
Black Olives

Get a pot boiling with water to cook the pasta, when it is boiling cook the noodle according to the directions.
Heat a skillet to medium heat, coat lightly with olive oil. Put a pinch of two of red pepper flakes into the oil along with a few cloves of garlic minced. When it's hot add chicken that has been cut into bite size pieces. When the chicken is cooked remove from pan. In the same pan add veggies that have been chopped (wait to add the tomatoes until the end). Saute until they are done according to your liking, don't forget to salt and pepper the veggies while they are cooking. When the veggies are done add the chicken and cooked pasta. Stir in a 1/3 to a half of a block of feta cheese (the 4 oz kind or whatever size it is, not the Costco size) that has been crumbled, so maybe 1/2 c. or so and some parmesan cheese. Taste it and if it needs more flavor add more cheese or salt.

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